Surrogate Eligibility

In order to become a surrogate with The Stork Society, LLC, you must first pass a basic screening to ensure your eligibility. Please see the requirements below.

Surrogate Eligibility


The Stork Society conducts a thorough screening process before allowing women to join our surrogacy program. These requirements are in place to ensure a positive experience for the surrogate and the intended parents as well as promote a healthy life experience for the child.

Surrogate Eligibility Requirements

  • Be between 21-40 years of age

  • Have a Body Mass Index (BMI) lower than 32. Calculate my BMI.

  • Be physically and psychologically healthy

  • Live in a surrogacy friendly U.S. state+

  • Be financially stable & self supporting*

  • Have already given birth to a healthy child of her own and believes her family is complete

  • Have had no complications with any prior pregnancy

  • Have had no more than 2 births by c-section

  • Have the support of your family and friends

  • Have reliable transportation

  • Must be comfortable with the decision to carry a child for someone else and be able to commit to the entire surrogacy process*

+State laws governing surrogacy agreements vary by state. Most states are surrogacy friendly. Unfortunately, we cannot work with surrogates from Alaska, Arizona, Iowa, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia, Wyoming, or anywhere outside of the U.S.A.

*This Agency does not work with surrogates who are receiving government assistance including unemployment insurance, section 8 housing, etc.

We thank you for considering The Stork Society, LLC while becoming a surrogate and look forward to getting to know you. If you have any questions, please contact us at