Surrogacy Program

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Intended Parents - Surrogacy Program

What makes the Surrogacy Program at the Stork Society, LLC so special?

Everyone here at The Stork Society wants the same result for you: an easy pregnancy, a good relationship with the surrogate, and a healthy baby. We are a small boutique agency that provides you and your gestational surrogate with individualized care. Unlike larger surrogacy factories, we are there for you every step of the way.


  • We match and recommend surrogates based on careful assessment of the needs of both parents and the surrogate, ensuring values and lifestyles do not conflict during your pregnancy.

  • We coordinate all your medical and legal professionals.

  • We provide support and guidance to your surrogate as well as ensure she has access to counseling throughout her surrogacy.

  • We manage the details of the embryo transfer cycle and your ensuing pregnancy.

  • We facilitate the transfer of the child to your custody.

International Reach

We work with parents residing in the United States and Internationally. If you are a resident of a country other than the United States, we will arrange for your surrogate to deliver your child in a surrogacy friendly state. Your surrogate will be a resident of the United States and the delivery will occur within the U.S. The surrogacy will be governed by U.S. law.

Comprehensive Screening

All of our surrogates have undergone a rigorous screening process. We look for healthy women who had easy pregnancies when bearing their children and whose families are complete. Surrogates are screened for medical, psychiatric, financial, and social history.

We require the following screening information from all of our surrogates:

  • Medical records, including those from her prior births

  • Information about her employment and financial history. We are dedicated to finding surrogates who are motivated to become a surrogate for reasons other than solely the financial package.

  • Views on controversial topics that can impact a surrogate pregnancy (such as religious views, positive diagnosis of Downs Syndrome or other genetic disorders, carrying multiples, sex selection, selective reduction and termination of pregnancy)

  • Information about her Family and Significant Relationships. She will be asked about her significant other and whether s/he will be supportive of her pregnancy and any decisions that may arise. We ask about her children and how she will explain the surrogacy to them. We ask about any history of substance abuse or domestic violence in her family unit.

  • Information about her Diet and her willingness to comply with physician directions

  • Information about her Daily Habits to ensure your baby is safe (such as wearing seat belts while driving)

Clearly Defined Agency Fees

Our Client Retainer Agreement specifies Agency fees and milestones in the surrogacy process that determine when portions of fees are due. This Agreement will discuss what services are included and provide for specific events. The Agreement offers protection to parents in the occurrence of uncommon situations.

Surrogate Compensation

Surrogates compensation and costs vary, and an escrow account will be opened to manage her funds. A Surrogate Agreement between parents and surrogate will determine her compensation and costs of support agreed to during the pregnancy. Medical and life insurance will be made available for the surrogate.

Finding your Surrogate

Compatibility is key in your relationship with your surrogate. We will assess your needs, ideal location, and desired relationship during and after the birth of your child. We will ask you questions that assess your requirements for the candidate, her lifestyle, and viewpoints on pregnancy-related situations, which ensures you and your surrogate will be without devastating differences of opinion in certain uncommon circumstances. We will provide you with profiles of surrogates who will be a good match and coordinate a meeting with her/them iif desired.

Getting Started

Once your surrogate is selected, we begin the process of medical screenings with your physician and the legal agreement between you and your surrogate. An escrow account will be set up and funded for her at milestones per the Surrogacy Agreement. This Agreement will discuss specifics about her behavior during the time commencing with the signing of Agreement until after the birth of the child. Compensation, monthly allowance, fees for specific situations, and breach of Agreement will be discussed and agreed to by parents, surrogate, and her partner. All situations, common and uncommon, will be provided for so that there is never a question of how varying situations will be dealt with.

The signing of the Agreement with your surrogate is the start of your surrogate pregnancy. We will share your excitement and be there to offer you our support, guidance, and professional experience.