Surrogate Compensation

It takes a special person to become a surrogate with The Stork Society, LLC. Surrogates provide a uniquely generous to the Intended Parent(s) and the Child(ren). As such, surrogates are provided with a significant compensation package.

Surrogate Compensation

How much are surrogates compensated each pregnancy?

The average base compensation for a surrogate is $30,000–$60,000. Compensation varies depending on a number of components. The geographic area that the surrogate lives in plays an enormous role in determining compensation. Some parts of the country have a higher cost of living and this is reflected in the compensation. The past experience of the surrogate also plays a role, with experienced, successful surrogate mothers commanding higher rates of compensation.

What is included in addition to the base compensation?

In addition to the base rate, there are monthly allowances for the surrogate to cover the increased cost of living. These allowances cover maternity clothing, travel costs to medical appointments, babysitting surrogate children, housekeeping during the final months, cost of vitamins and medications, insurance co-pay costs, etc. Fees for special situations can be negotiated. All medical, counseling, and insurance premiums are paid for by the intended parents. The surrogate does not pay any costs related to the pregnancy.

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