Egg Donation Program

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What Makes the Egg Donor Program at The Stork Society, LLC so special?

Everyone here at The Stork Society, LLC wants the same result for you—a healthy baby. We are an intimate egg donation and surrogacy agency and as part of our egg donation program, we work closely with all of our egg donors and intended parent(s), keeping interactions professional and compassionate. We offer unparalleled support and care all along the way, from selecting your egg donor, to working with reproductive specialists, managing the details of legal agreements, payment to related professionals and the coordination of the embryo retrieval and transfer cycle. The information on these procedures is complex, however we will guide you along the way to ensure your donor and the donation cycle is managed professionally and in a timely fashion.

International Reach

We are available to parents in the United States and Internationally. If you are a resident of a country other than the United States, we will arrange for your donation to occur at a fertility clinic within the United States. Your donor will be a resident of the U.S and the donation cycle will occur within the U.S. and will be governed by U.S. law.

Comprehensive Screening

All of our registered egg donors have undergone a rigorous screening process. Each one of our donors has passed the application process, undergone an in-depth evaluation and submitted a detailed personal history profile, as well as having participated in an interview before being accepted into our program. Past medical history, prescription medications, pregnancies, and her psycho/ social history is disclosed, as is any family history of hereditary diseases. We also ask our egg donors to disclose their personal usage of alcohol, tobacco, and other social habits. They must substantiate their educational experience with test scores and transcripts. We want to be sure we know our donors intimately before we recommend her to you.

Clearly Defined Fees

Our egg donation cycle fees are standard and commensurate with guidelines set by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Please review our egg donation costs information page for a complete list of our agency fees, donor compensation and other related fees.

Looking for an Egg Donor

Finding an egg donor is as simple as registering with us to browse our egg donor database. All our donors have detailed profiles to help you locate the perfect donor to create your new family. Once you have found a donor you would like to use, The Stork Society will contact her to confirm availability and then will set up all required medical and psychological screenings.

As part of our egg donation program, we will also contact your fertility physician (or assist you in finding one) and provide the donor's information on your behalf. We will help you locate an attorney to draft the legal contract between you and your donor, giving you custody of the retrieved eggs. The egg donation cycle cannot begin until the intended parents and the egg donor have signed all documents.

If you would like more information, please contact the director of our program Mary Bird RN at