The Stork Society, LLC


Once you choose your Donor, sign the Agreement, and pay the fee the Donor will have an appointment with your fertility specialist for approval. We can refer you to a fertility Physician or clinic in your area. Your Donor will be physically examined and have her blood tested. She will have a psychological screening done by a psychology specialist.


Egg Donation requires a legal contract to be made between the Donor and the Intended parent. This contract will address the issues of egg ownership, who the parent of the child or children produced from the egg is, legal responsibility of the Donor and Intended Parent, and financial compensation. The Intended parents and the Egg Donor require a separate Attorney to represent their interests. The Stork Society, LLC can assist you with locating a qualified Attorney, however, you are free to choose your own. Your Attorney will draw up the Agreement or Contract between you and the Donor. Once you have signed the contract we will present it to the Donor to be reviewed by her Attorney. This will be completed before anything goes further.


Both the medical exam and the legal counsel for the Donor is paid for by the Intended Parents.


Insurance will be obtained that provides primary coverage to the Donor and, if chosen, the Recipient as well. This protects the Egg Donor and the Recipient should either experience any medical problems resulting from the donation cycle. This insurance is available through Brown & Brown Insurance. It is mandatory to obtain coverage for the Donor.


We are available to manage the arrangement of all medical and psychological appointments for your Donor to ensure a smooth cycle.


The doctor will follow medical protocols for you and the Donor. You will both be on medication to coordinate your menstrual cycles. The eggs will be fertilized the day of the retrieval and the transfer to you will take place 3-5 days after that. Two weeks later you will have a pregnancy test at your Doctor’s office.


All fees must be paid for prior to the start of medication.


Some professionals will be paid directly. Others will be paid via payment to The Stork Society, LLC. This agency accepts credit cards, checks, money orders, and wire transfers. We can provide you with information about various financing options. The money for the Egg Donor will be held in trust for her with a portion released at the start of medication and the balance after the withdrawal procedure.


If your Donor lives out of the area you will be responsible for her travel costs. The Stork Society, LLC will coordinate travel arrangements for you. You may choose to bring her to your physician for the entire donation cycle or you may choose to have her screened and monitored by a fertility Physician close to her home and later bring her to your Physician when the eggs are ready to be retrieved. This second option may decrease the travel costs but will need to be decided upon with the input of your fertility Physician. Most clinics have their own protocols for working with an out of area Donor.


If you are a resident of a country other than the USA we will arrange for a donation to occur at a fertility clinic within the USA. Due to the difficulties regarding international laws your Donor will most likely by a resident of the USA. The entire donation cycle must occur in the USA and be governed by USA law.