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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Gestational Surrogate. The decision to help carry a child is an extremely rewarding experience for both the surrogate and the intended parents. This is a wonderful gift when you are able to help those who have struggled with infertility and make it possible for them to achieve their dream of having a child.


We are currently expanding our registry of gestational surrogates and are seeking women who enjoy being pregnant and would like to help an infertile couple. Being a gestational surrogate means you are willing to carry a child to delivery who is not related to you in any way.  Without the help of a surrogate, infertile couples would be unable to carry and deliver a child on their own.


The Stork Society is a full service agency and we are able to provide you with the opportunity of being matched with compatible parents. We can provide you with  information, support and encouragement throughout the process.




The following are minimum requirements for our surrogates:

- Be between the ages of 21- 41

- Be physically healthy: not obese, non-smoker, and non-drinker during the pregnancy

- Psychologically healthy / emotionally secure

- Have given birth to a healthy child of their own

- Believe their own family is complete

- No complications with any prior pregnancy

- Have had healthy births since any miscarriage

- Have not had any more than 3 prior births by c-section

- Have the support of family and friends

- Be financially stable & self supporting (may not be receiving government assistance, including section 8 housing)

- Have reliable transportation

- Must live in surrogacy friendly states. We can not accept surrogates who reside in Michigan, Nebraska, Washington, New     Jersey, New York, or anywhere outside of the USA.

- Must be dependable, mature, trustworthy, and able to keep appointments

- Must be comfortable with the decision to carry a child for someone else and be able to commit to the entire surrogacy         process

If you are interested in becoming a Surrogate and would like more information, please fill out the form below which will help us determine your eligibility.


We thank you for considering The Stork Society and look forward to getting to know you.