The Stork Society, LLC



The Stork Society, LLC recruits donors from all over the United States. They are screened in the process both physically and psychologically. Every effort is made to ensure that they are in good health. We personally interview and conduct background checks on each applicant to screen them for honesty, integrity, and a sense of responsibility. They are required to substantiate their information by providing school records, scholastic test scores, governmentally approved identification, etc. They come from a variety of ethnic and racial backgrounds between the ages of 19 and 34 years of age. Most are in school working towards their career goals. Some hold advanced degrees, some work, and some are in the military. Many have children of their own and / or have donated previously. Most of the donors have had their lives touched by infertility and they would like to be of help desiring children. 


Most of our donors prefer to remain anonymous, but, would consider meeting the child if requested to so later in life. Most of our clients prefer to remain anonymous as well. This agency is available during the cycle for communication between the parties if indirect contact is desired. Some donors will consider meeting with you prior to the donation and, in that situation, we are available to coordinate this meeting for the both of you. Please be assured that we view confidentiality with the utmost regard and that no identifying information will be given out about the donor or the intended parent without permission.


This agency follows the guidelines for egg donation, including compensation, set by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. The ASRM compensation guideline states that, “Total payments to donors in excess of $5,000 require justification and sums above $10,000 are not appropriate”. Donors will NOT be paid over $10,000 under any circumstance.


Once you have viewed our Donor Registry and have selected a potential donor, a longer and expanded profile is available for you to review. This profile gives substantially more information than the profiles provided on the website.


Our Donor Profiles include:

*A three generation family history of the donor including medical, genetic, educational, and occupational information

*Photos of the Donor at varying stages in her life

*Handwriting samples and short essays

*Personal preferences and life experiences

*Intelligence testing can be requested


Once you have expressed interest in a donor I will contact her to confirm she is available for a cycle during your preferred time period. Unlike other agencies we do not limit the number of expanded profiles you view nor do we charge a fee to view the online registry. The donor is not reserved for you until you return the signed Agency Agreement Form along with the agency fee. We will require a brief profile from you which will (minus any identifying information) tell the Donor something about you so she can assess if she is comfortable donating to you.  Once you and the donor are matched the cycle can begin.


If you are unable to find a suitable donor from our registry The Stork Society is willing to conduct a personalized search in your behalf for a small fee.


Egg donation is a unique and rewarding experience for both the parents and the donors. Our donors experience the gratification of helping those unable to have children on their own by donating eggs that she will not utilize. She is emotionally as well as financially rewarded. Egg donation provides a happy outcome for the donor, parent, and child.