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“I always imagined myself having lots of kids. I wanted a big family!


I was married when I was 26. I was still in school and working toward my career. I had an IUD in place because it was too early to get pregnant. My husband was still in school too. We were both on the career track. With an IUD in place there was no chance of pregnancy. Time passed. I finished school and got a job. I started enjoying the life that came with not having to study all of the time. My husband finished up his schooling too. We traveled a lot and went to some wonderful places. We got a dog and he became our “baby”. He got all of our spare love. I felt my life was heading in the right direction. I always knew I wanted children but I was not in a rush. My mother had me when she was an astounding 42 years old so I never really thought about hurrying up to get pregnant. I knew it would happen when I was ready.


It turned out that things did not work about between us which really upset my life. I was a real homebody and my life revolved around my family. I tried getting married again but that was not thought out well and we too split up shortly after my first daughter was born. Having my daughter was the best thing that ever happened to me though – so it was worth it!


I had been an only child growing up and did not come from a big family. I wanted my first daughter to have more family than just me. As time passed I realized I wanted more than one child. Getting married again was not looking like a good probability. I was too busy and happy spending time with my daughter. I could not imagine taking time away from her to husband hunt.


I started off trying to have a baby using a sperm donor with intrauterine inseminations for 3 years. Each attempt was a re-commitment to my desire to have another child. It was very expensive since I had to pay for each try! It was definitely cheaper to get pregnant the old fashioned way! I envied those who had multiple children seemingly without much effort. Every month I was working to buy vials of sperm. I started off doing off doing my own inseminations but since I was not getting pregnant I ended up paying a midwife to inject the sperm. This went on and on. No pregnancy.


The midwife told me a story about another patient. She told me that this woman also came to her for IUI Inseminations in the hopes of having a a baby. She was older than me and eventually decided to try for pregnancy using a sperm and egg donor. She got pregnant with her first child. She was very happy and it didn’t bother her that the eggs were not her own – she was simply happy to finally have her own child. The midwife told me that she  even decided to go for another child with the same donors. Eventually she had the children she always wanted. The midwife suggested I give it a try.


I had not anticipated having a hard time getting pregnant. I thought about my options. I saw a fertility specialist who told me I could try an IVF cycle but the odds of getting pregnant with one attempt were not good. I had heard of some people trying IVF over and over again, spending a fortune, and ending up without a child and broke. I could not afford to get on the IVF merry-go-round.


The one thing I knew is that I wanted very badly to have another child. I considered adoption but I knew it wasn’t the option for me. I had heard horror stories about birth mom’s returning to claim their children and devastating the lives of the adoptive parents. I knew I couldn’t handle that at all. I considered overseas adoption as well. I really liked the idea of helping a child in need, but was very aware that as a single parent my options would be limited.


And so I came into the world of egg donation. I found a donor who matched my ethnic background, was in school studying the same subject I studied, and had my hair and eye color. Her baby pictures looked like mine. I was happy with her. I did find one other donor that I considered briefly, but she was from an Ivy League school and was on of those “extraordinary donors” that some agencies specialize. She wanted a huge amount of money. While her background was impressive I was certainly not an Ivy League and her qualifications were not necessary for me. My donor was in a good school and close to home. She had goals and talents much more like my own and the compensation fee was much more reasonable.


The cycle was simple. The Doctor aligned my monthly cycle with the donors’ so that we were at the midpoint of our cycles together. For a couple of weeks I had to give myself shots and go in to get blood drawn and ultrasound tests.


After the egg retrieval my doctor called to say that she had six eggs and that they were all fertilized. She was going to freeze three and implant three a few days after the retrieval. I came in for the transfer of my embryos in a real state of excitement. This was my best chance at having the child I wanted so badly! My doctor used an ultrasound to get the embryos in place. It didn’t hurt at all! I went home later, lay on the couch, and talked to God. I told him that I wanted this baby so bad and that if he would give me this child I would promise to always do my best to be a great mother and give this child every opportunity I could afford. I did a lot of talking – and I guess he was listening.


I was told to go back in after 2 weeks for a pregnancy test. I couldn’t wait! I used a home test a couple of days earlier and – YAHOO! – I was pregnant!! I thought maybe it was a mistake, but the doctors confirmed it. I was finally pregnant!! I was so happy!!


My baby girl was born a week early. I had a C-Section because she was breech. They used a spinal anesthetic and I was awake for the birth. Seeing my baby for the first time was the most amazing and wonderful feeling. She was so beautiful!


My father came to the hospital with me. I didn’t know how he’d react to this nontraditional baby. He is really old fashioned but he accepted my choice and was there for the birth. I have some wonderful photos of him holding my new daughter in the recovery room. My mother died a year before she was born and my father said many times that he knew my mother would have lobed to be there. It made me sad that she wasn’t there to see her born.


Her older sister was just crazy about her too! She hand crocheted a baby blanket for her! She was so happy that she finally had a sibling . They have been best friends ever since!


Having my children has been the best experience I have ever had. I never think about my second child being different just because she was conceived through egg donation. I relate to both of my children the same way. I tell them both how much I love them every day. As my baby girl gets older I will have to decide how and when I will tell her about being a donor baby. I’ve started a collection of hand painted eggs for her and each time she gets one, I tell her that she came from a very special egg. I want her to know who she is but I mostly want her to know how much she is loved.


I want to wish you all the best in your quest for a child. Egg donation was the right option for me. My story had a happy ending!


Best Wishes for you and your family,



A former “Intended Parent” "